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Apparently this blog is listed second on google under the search “Daisy Merrick” since I have blogged about her a couple of times now and it’s getting a lot of traffic. My blog is really not the best place to find updates and information about her – Britt Merrick himself is constantly posting updates about Daisy. Click on the following links for the latest happenings straight from Britt’s mouth (hand?):


Thanks for visiting and please be praying for her and the entire Merrick family…even three rounds of cancer is not too big for our God and prayer changes things. I agree with your song Daisy, God is the healer and he CAN heal you! Merrick’s if you come across this blog, know that you have impacted many lives through your plight and I hope that the posts I have written about Daisy serve to rally more prayer for your sweet family. Much love from northern CA.

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