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As you probably noticed, I spent some time over the weekend connecting with people via social networking sites as well as making changes to my blog. I now have updated profiles on Google+LinkedIn, and Twitter and would love to connect with you on these sites.

Additionally, in an effort to make my blog more accessible, I have added a number of ways to follow my blog if you would like to be notified when I make a new post. I’ve listed your options below (the first three can be found on the right hand side under the title “Follow Me (Get Blog Updates)”:

1. “Like” my blog’s facebook page by either following that link, or by simply clicking the “like” button. By doing this, you will be updated in your facebook news feed when I make new posts.
2. Follow me via twitter by clicking on the “Follow” button.
3. Sign up to receive an email when I make a new post.
4. Subscribe via RSS feed (scroll down to find this option).
5. Become a “follower” of this blog via google friend connect (scroll down to find this option).

I also added the “g+1” button on the right hand side under the title “Recommend Me,” as well as below every post. When you click this button, it means that you like/recommend my blog/individual posts on google which increases its searchability and recognition. You can also recommend my blog by clicking on the “stumble upon” button.

I love to write and I put a lot of energy into my posts, so I would greatly appreciate more interaction with those of you who enjoy this blog, because it’s much more rewarding to talk with you than at you. I am always looking for ways to become a better writer, get ideas for future posts, and sharpen my mind through discussions, so please use the above tools (and make comments), to engage as much as possible – I value what you have to say! Moreover, when I know there are people reading and connecting with the content, it encourages me to continue writing. In a similar vein, my hope is that this blog would enable me to continually make new connections with people, so if there is a post you find worthy of sharing with others, please do so!

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Melissa Felker

I blog to share my life, entertain, inspire, inform, encourage, challenge (both myself and others), and of course, for personal therapy - haha! I love to write about meaningful experiences and a wide range of topics I find interesting. I particularly enjoy sharing life in a raw and barely censored fashion because I highly value authenticity.

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  1. Hi Melissa! love your blog 🙂 I always enjoy reading it and being up-to-date on your lives even though your far away! praying the Lord uses your blog for His glory. love JenHan 🙂

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