Who Knows How to Raise a Baby? No One.

I think I am finally realizing that no one knows how to raise a baby…even the “experts” all disagree with one another on the majority of baby-related topics. Ugh! This is a disheartening realization to someone who really wants to figure out how to do everything well and “right.” It’s also frustrating when you have been told from day 1 your baby is too small and not eating well enough, and now I am so paranoid about making any changes to his nursing schedule (and there is too much conflicting advice out there to even make an educated/confident decision). I love the internet but sometimes there is just too much info/too many opinions out there…I think I’ve decided I’d just like to raise my kids on old wives tales and in ignorant bliss like the good ol’ days, haha! They’ll live right!? 🙂