Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus Part 2

Yesterday I posted a video that’s been going viral on facebook called “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” I liked the video, and it was clear to me that the artist was not speaking about religion in general, but false religion, empty religion, legalism, hypocrisy, and rule-following. However, later in the day, I read an interesting article critiquing the video and how some of the words/points the artist made could be confusing to some. I think the article had many interesting points, so if you are a Christian and have seen the video, it would be good to read. I believe it is important to think critically about these things and be careful about what we post so as not to send any misguiding messages. I still like the video and its message, but I want to emphasize he is speaking about false religion. Here is a link to the blog:


Here is another link to later correspondence between the artist in the video and the writer of the blog, which I thought was an awesome representation of how believers in Christ can be gracious with, yet challenging to one another:


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