Caleb’s “Big Boy” Room!

Baby girl Felkeress is evicting Caleb from the baby room, so he got to level up! 🙂 We transitioned him last Wednesday, and so far, so good. However, taking away his paci this coming weekend is going to be a whole different story…really not looking forward to that. Here are some pics of the final product:

We debated whether or not to do a theme in the room, but finally decided to do a jungle theme. I’m glad we did, because Caleb loves it! This is the view from the doorway. He also loves his “big boy chair”…so far, Caleb has found it useful for reading, sleeping, turning it upside down and using it as a cave to “hide”, and of course, using it to climb up onto the window sill.
Apparently it makes no difference which way the book is facing at this point 🙂
Fast asleep
We got the dresser, storage shelves, bed, and rug from Costco and have been really pleased with the quality so far. We got a really great deal on the bunk bed/dresser because they were being discontinued.
We transferred the wall photos and “Caleb” letters over from the nursery. I’ll probably update the photos soon…and by soon I mean within the next 10 or so years.
We painted the walls a light blue – a nice color for a boy or a girl since Caleb’s sis will most likely join him in a couple years.
Twin over full bunk bed – great for those future sleepovers! …Or for jumping from the top to bottom bunk.
Jungle bedding from Target…Caleb loves to point out all the animals! Oh and there’s the “safety” rail which prevents Caleb from falling out of bed…which has also proven very useful as a climbing apparatus for Caleb to attempt hoisting himself up to the top bunk. We have learned that we can try our best, but there is just no baby proofing Caleb.
The bunk bed has a staircase attached instead of a ladder…which seems cool in theory, but there is no way to remove the staircase to stop a little climber. So, Sean had to build a gate to keep it off limits when we’re not present.
The bed has some convenient storage for books at the end, as well as a drawer and cork board.

The Bible verse we picked for this room.
Sean installed six recessed lights and we purchased all the jungle wall decals from amazon.

Right after Caleb saw the finished product…he loves it! And I love that crazy boy 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Caleb’s “Big Boy” Room!”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    The room is really beautiful!!! About the pacifier…good luck. When it was time for my oldest to wean off his pacifier, we told him that “big boys” do not take pacifiers to bed any more. They take books to bed, and we would give him a choice of two books to take to bed. Then we had a “ceremonial burning” (well not really)…lol…but we had Faruk put his pacifiers into the trash. Then we aii took the trash out to the bin. Voila! There were no more pacifiers in the house. When he asked we would remind him of what a big boy thing he had done and that there were no more pacifiers in the house. This worked like a charm for us,even though we had some sad moments to live through…IT STILL WORKED! =^}

    Corinne M.

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