Caleb’s Nursery – Our First Completed Room/Project in our New Home…go us!

5 months after moving into our house and 9 months after Caleb was born, we finally have a finished nursery! All you pregnant mamas who are stressing over finishing your nursery can now rest assured knowing there are others (namely me) who are far tardier than you – ha!

This is what the room (blindingly) looked like before moving in:

After much deliberation, Caleb decided glossy hot pink was not quite his color…so 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint later, here’s what it looks like now:

Sean even installed recessed lighting…I knew there would eventually be a payoff for marrying a nerdy engineer 😉

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5 thoughts on “Caleb’s Nursery – Our First Completed Room/Project in our New Home…go us!”

  1. This room is so beautiful. I especially love how you put the early photos of Caleb in there. Perfect.

    Love ya

  2. I have a confession. I saw the “before” pictures and immediately judged you as a horrible person. I thought we could no longer be friends and I even regretted posting about the greatness of your family room. After much disgust, I went back and read the post. There, I saw that the pink room was not your doing, but the work of others. I approve of the changes you guys have made, and I am relieved we got through this.

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