Why 9 Months of Torture Was Worth It

Sean is currently working on writing part 6 of the pregnancy series (oohhh, spoiler alert!), so in the interim I decided to give our blog a massive makeover to make it more user friendly and easier to read…hope you like the changes! I’m still working on a few things, so if you have any suggestions as to how to make it better or if there is anything you would like to see on our blog, I’d appreciate the feedback!

I also thought it would be encouraging to make a mid-series post giving a glimpse to all you ladies who now fear pregnancy like it’s global warming why it is all worth it and why I would even do it again. It’s moments like these that bring so much joy to my heart and make me love this little munchkin that much more (if that’s even possible!) Who knew retractable badges could be that hilarious!? We cropped the video but he did this for almost 5 minutes!

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I blog to share my life, entertain, inspire, inform, encourage, challenge (both myself and others), and of course, for personal therapy - haha! I love to write about meaningful experiences and a wide range of topics I find interesting. I particularly enjoy sharing life in a raw and barely censored fashion because I highly value authenticity.

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  1. you are so considerate of your readers. posting this so that nobody will fear getting pregnant. you are the sweetest and too funny!! haha 😉 -tara

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