Make Your Voice Heard and Win $25!

I want to hear from you so I can improve this blog and give you more of what you want! I love to write/blog and have aspirations to one day pursue this passion on a professional level. Your honest feedback will help me refine my skills, and I would be so grateful if you took a few minutes to respond to the following (anonymous) 10 question survey. On August 17th, 2012 I will draw a name to win a $25 gift card to Amazon! When you have completed the survey, leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email me your name (this will keep your survey response anonymous).

Additionally, if you begin following this blog (or already follow it) via the facebook page, twitter, email subscription, or RSS feed, I will enter your name into the drawing twice. If you have never visited this blog before, check out our five most popular posts on the right hand side – a great place to begin. This is a fun opportunity to engage with me…thank you very much!

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Melissa Felker

I blog to share my life, entertain, inspire, inform, encourage, challenge (both myself and others), and of course, for personal therapy - haha! I love to write about meaningful experiences and a wide range of topics I find interesting. I particularly enjoy sharing life in a raw and barely censored fashion because I highly value authenticity.

23 thoughts on “Make Your Voice Heard and Win $25!”

  1. I just completed your survey too, but the comment line cut me off. I was finishing with, please know the Lord sees your great works when reaching out to others! You are using your talents for him, and to inspire others through life, thank you! Kisses, ~Kelli

  2. I’d like to suggest an improvement to the content. It should have more of me in it. I’m wonderful and interesting, and I think everyone would benefit from knowing more about me. Also, it would be easier to have someone else write about me than to keep up my own blog. Thank you for considering my suggestion and I look forward to reading more about what’s going on in my life in the coming years.

    1. LOL Kevin you always crack me up! It’s funny you say that though, because when I walked with Robyn she talked about writing up a Kathryn update when she turns 6 mo. old. I would LOVE for you or Robyn to write a guest post on my blog at that point as an update to my original Katie Beth post. Whatdaya say?? You know you want to do it. Although, that would require some work on your part which could be a deal breaker 😉

      PS. I hear you are equally sunscreen phobic as myself. You have no idea how happy this makes my heart. Seriously. To know I am not alone in this incredible hardship just means the world to me.

  3. So, I’ve decided Sean has the gift of verbal storytelling and you have the gift of written storytelling. Just a gifted family all around. I think they must have exceptional parents!!!!

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